Monday, February 02, 2004

Notes for a Monday morning 

Think Janet Maslin's Friday notebook was annoying enough? Well, have no fear, it gets worse, as she reviews the new Grisham book. Ah well, more fodder for MaslinWatch...

It looks like Janet Frame was writing up a storm right up until she dead--and that's good news for fans and publishers. Rumor has it that she finished a fourth volume of her autobiography.

Mexico City has started its own "Get Reading" program: 250,000 books given away in their underground to curttail crime. Hope the idea sticks.

Oops. Patrick Anderson doesn't buy into the Joseph Finder HypeMonster (TM) Effect, calling PARANOIA "another example of the dumbed-down, manipulative junk that publishers think they can force-feed to the mass audience."

The Richard and Judy Book Club picked Joseph O'Connor's STAR OF THE SEA as their latest pick--and unsurprisingly, sales of the novel have zoomed.

And finally, I missed the whole halftime show brouhaha, but for two takes that made me laugh early this morning (laughs well needed, as I explained before) there's Terry's understatement and Grambo's compare/contrast.

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