Friday, February 06, 2004

The morning's news 

OK, this is getting yawningly boring: be involved in a scandal, and get a book deal. Happened to Joseph Wilson, happened yesterday to the Happy Homewrecker, and now Greg Dyke, newly ousted BBC New chief, jumps on the pricey bandwagon, as he inks a deal for a cool one million pounds.

Christina Patterson asks a provocative question in light of the bad films, books and poetry inspired by Sylvia Plath's poetry? Was she any good? The answer, according to her, is a resounding yes.

Andrea Levy is considered to be something of a pioneer in Black British writing, paving the way for minority authors like Meera Syal, Hari Kunzru, and Monica Ali to find success. The Independent meets Levy, whose novels examine the divide of white and black cultures in England.

Poet laureate Andrew Motion--better known for trying to rap like Eminem--is asking the government to make a concerted effort to stop the sale of manuscripts abroad, saying that they are "an important part of the UK's heritage."

April 19th marks the announcement of the Independent's Foreign Fiction Prize, voted to the best book translated from English and quite a lucrative prize at that.

Robert Birnbaum interviews Azar Nafisi, the author of READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN, her memoir of struggling to read good literature in the face of suppression and a culture decidedly against that sort of thing. The SF Chronicle profiles Nafisi as well and further highlights just how risky her pursuit of greater literature really was.

Jane Dunn decided to examine the lives of Elizabeth I and her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, in a dual biography. Peter Kurth of Newsday enjoys the book tremendously but finds a prior knowledge of the historical time might aid in fully grasping the significance of Dunn's biography.

And finally, Aussie men rate low on the seduction scale--they think romance is fast food and alcohol, according to a recent study. Somehow, I am not surprised in the least by this bit of news....

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