Thursday, February 05, 2004

Morning oddities 

Delayed, due to some network & cable issues, but here they are:

So, I've hit upon the perfect way to get a book deal: find some rich old CEO dude and interview him for my magazine, then shag him silly and get him to leave his wife. Add a little controversy, a little uproar, then let everything simmer and die down and boom! I get to split 4 million bucks. Well, it works for some people...

No. 15 Usher's House--the setting for James Joyce's wonderful short story "The Dead"--has been restored to its former glory.

Mark links to a bunch of articles about the emerging "Street Lit" genre. Just based on the weekly Publishers Lunch roundup of deals, I can attest to how popular this subgenre is getting.

A new quotation smith? Looks like David Brent of the UK television show The Office is responsible for more familiar quotes than Shakespeare in the 25-44 age group.

Yet another article on Irish darling Cecilia Ahern. She'd never heard of Chicklit, and puts in a reference to the crappy Irish boyband Westlife because "I was going to take it out, then I thought no, why should I? I know plenty of 30-year-old women who listen to Westlife in their car. They're the Irish band, like them or not."

Issue five of Shred of Evidence is now up. Check out stories by Stephen D Rogers, Robert W. Tinsley, and Ray "Saturday Boy" Banks.

And finally, meet Alexandra Mosca. She's posed for Playboy, dated gangsters, and is most certainly not your typical undertaker.

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