Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Midweek snippets 

One day, George Orwell and a friend, Dennis Collings, decided to go bury some items in a mound at Suffolk Common. Little did they know that they were being watched by two ten year old boys, who thought they were archeologists excavating. So what's buried there? Not surprisingly, Orwell's biographer, DJ Taylor, is curious about the matter as well.

Australian crime writer John Carroll is quite prolific but still underrated in his country compared to people like Shane Maloney and Kerry Greenwood. Today's profile in The Age hopes to change that.

The Japanese media pick up on the news that Natsuo Kirino is one of the Best Novel nominees for the Edgar Award, and comment that she's the first Japanese author to be nominated for an Edgar of any kind.

Mark T. Conard's debut noir novel DARK AS NIGHT is reviewed at January Magazine by Kevin Burton Smith, who finds it "impressive." I really, really need to get a copy of this book. UglyTown does it again.

March 3 is Awards Night in the Canadian literary world. Over $133 000 in prizes will be awarded to books as part of the 3rd Annual Great Literary Awards Event at the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto.

It's all Natalie Wood all the time--not only is Gavin Lambert's biography of her getting raves, now Peter Bogdanovich is making a made-for-TV biopic. The fever spreads....

Author M.M. Kaye has died at the age of 95. When I was a kid I read THE FAR PAVILLIONS several times and loved it for its wonderfully evocative descriptions of 19th century India.

Helle Nice was once the fastest woman in the world--she was a model, then a dancer, and then reinvented herself as a race car driver in the 1930s. Miranda Seymour's biography of the woman, THE BUGATTI QUEEN, is examined in The Scotsman.

James Ellroy's next project is to pen the screenplay for the Robert Evans-produced biopic on Hollywood lawyer Sidney Korshak. (link from Maud.)

USA Today jumps on the HypeMonster (TM) bandwagon that is Cecelia Ahern's debut novel and career in general. It's just another fluffy profile, though she promises she'll never "write murder mysteries or anything like that." Aha, just as well, perhaps.

And finally, Haynes Publishing, known far and wide for its car manuals, has just launched a Sex Manual to "ensure men can deal with bedroom breakdowns as well as mechanical ones." Look people, we know that men link sex and cars in their mind--must we make this connection so damned obvious? Still, Haynes expects to sell about 100 000 copies of the book--a long way away from the 8 million copies of the car guide....

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