Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Jules Hardy's new deal 

I can't link to the damned thing because it's registration-only, but The Bookseller reports that one of my new absolute favorite authors, Jules Hardy, has inked a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster UK, the same house that has published her first two novels, ALTERED LAND and MISTER CANDID. The first book of that deal is slated for publication in the spring of 2005. Shall I rhapsodize some about Hardy's gifts as a writer, whether she's doing introspective character studies and delving deep into complex familial bonds, or writing a near-gothic suspense novel that manages to skirt the line of serious taboos? She's a fearless risk taker in a world where sameness and gimmickry are often rewarded in publishing more often than not. In short, read her books already.

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