Monday, February 23, 2004

Evening humor 

What with the raging brouhaha all over the 'sphere today, sometimes it's best to step back and have a good laugh. To indulge this, I offer a few choice bits:

An accurate representation of "teenage girl behavior." (link from the warped mind of Ray Banks, who got it from his wife Ana.)

And from my favorite sports columnist, Jon Wertheim: The Best Tennis Limericks! (scroll down to the end of the Mailbag.) My favorite? Has to be this one from Rodney of New York:

When Roddick steps up to give service,
The line folk and ball kids get nervous
Returning is torture
For each is a scorcher
And old ladies cry, "Saints preserve us!"
The game of Juan Carlos Ferrero
Excites me like hearing "Bolero"
His artful display
Of lightning fast play
Delights me right down to my marrow
With Agassi, I am enthralled
For, like him, I shave myself bald
And some years past thirty
Just like salsa verde
His wall-like returns still can scald.

Now that's comedy.

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