Monday, February 02, 2004

Edgar Awards update 

The Best Short Story nominations list has had to be amended when Mystery Writers of America received word that one of the nominated authors, upon notification, indicated his work was from an earlier year and submitted inadvertently by his publisher. Aware this made the work ineligible, he graciously withdrew his nomination. The corrected category results follow:

“Bet on Red” – High Stakes by Jeff Abbott (NAL-Penguin)
“Black Heart & Cabin Girl” – Blood on Their Hands by Shelly Costa (Berkley Prime Crime)
“Aces and Eights” by David Edgerley Gates (AHMM – December 2003)
“The Maids” – Blood on Their Hands by G. Miki Hayden (Berkley Prime Crime)
“Cowboy Grace” – The Silver Gryphon by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Golden Gryphon)

Now, the details: originally, Clayton Emery had been nominated for his short story "Totaled", which had appeared in UNDERTOW, a short story collection featuring New England-based writers like Kate Flora and G.H. Ephron. This collection was published in 2003--however, Emery's story was first published by Thrilling Detective in 2002. Because of the earlier publication, "Totaled" was rendered ineligible and had to be taken off the shortlist.

So oddly enough, a story that had appeared in an online magazine did get nominated for the Edgar after all--but only by accident. Still, I very much hope that no such accidents will occur and that first, the MWA will make extra sure to double-check when short stories first appeared (whether in print or online publications) and second, that an online story will make the shortlist for real next year. We're getting close....now let's make it happen.

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