Sunday, February 01, 2004

Beefing up my Lexis-Nexis entry 

Peter Darbyshire, better known to the Blogiverse as one-half of BookNinja, writes a weekly column for my local paper called "Choice Words" devoted to the week in literary news and book buzz online. Unfortunately, the columns are only available to subscribers, but this week Darbyshire touched upon L'Affaire NYTBR and the widespread reaction amongst blogs, as well as choice ones worth checking out. The usual suspects are mentioned but it was a very nice surprise to come across this paragraph:

Other sites offer what newspapers often cannot: a comprehensive focus on a literary subject or genre. Nepean native Sarah Weinman runs the site Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind (sarahweinman.blogspot.com), a site dedicated mainly to mystery and crime fiction. It's an excellent source of information for the genre, complete with links to articles, reviews and other websites, and it would be impossible for traditional media outlets to offer the same extensive coverage.

Thanks, Peter. Now I suspect I'll be getting phone calls from my parents' friends wondering what the hell a blog is. To which, of course, I'll refer them to Terry's Manifesto.

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