Monday, February 02, 2004

And it gets even better... 

...as obviously, there's some misalignment in the MWA's astrology chart, especially in light of this latest development:

Michael Connelly, president of the Mystery Writers of America, has withdrawn his 2003 Edgar nominated novel, Lost Light, for Edgar consideration, because he is currently serving as president of the organization. The Board reluctantly agrees to his request thanks him for his leadership.”

And because the book was published in 2003 and thus eligible for consideration, the MWA has evidently elected not to substitute another book on the shortlist--which means only four books are now up for Best Novel.

Although my first reaction--well, the first was to ponder what kind of crack the MWA smoked today--was to wonder why Connelly elected to withdraw his book from consideration now when last year, he was in essentially the same position, I've been corrected on this point--at last year's Edgars, he was the president-elect and had not actually begun serving his time until after the awards. Still, one has to wonder why this matter wasn't vetted before the shortlist was released last night. Or perhaps, this is a very unusual position for an author to be in, to have a nominated book and be the serving president for the awarding organization in question. And I suppose, had Connelly kept his name in the hat, there might have been accusations of some sort of conflicts of interest or influence--which wouldn't even be justified because LOST LIGHT was a very, very good book. But whatever the case, it just looks awkward, and no doubt that another book won't make it on the list will cause a considerable amount of controversy, especially considering how many other worthy books are deserving of the spot.

In the final analysis, it most certainly had to have been a crazy day at the office....

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