Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Words fail me 

" Lyricist Martin Charnin, whose big claim to fame is Annie, is working on a musical adaption of the comic strip Broom-Hilda, creating songs from the catalog of the late composer Leroy Anderson.

The book is being written by, of all people, Kurt Andersen, former editor of New York magazine (and co-creator of the lamented Spy)." (link from Mermiac via Gawker.)

Jesus Christ, this has "train wreck" written all over it. Or more likely, it'll never get out of the workshop phase, since the whole out-of-town tryout thing died a couple of decades back (New Haven! Philly! Boston! Ah, those days are long gone now. Or better left to Toronto, perhaps). Well, if this project doesn't pan out, perhaps they can start work on their next attempt to dominate Broadway: a musical treatment of the glory days of Kurt, Graydon et al. What'll it be called? SPY! You heard it here first.

And what is up with the proliferation of musical-related news? Even the Anonymous One, Satirical Be He got in on the act this morning, impressing us greatly with his breadth of musical knowledge (though nobody but nobody beats this man.)

UPDATE: Alex posts a list of subjects that may well be musicalized in the next few years. We're really curious about the Andrew Cunanan idea, if only because the 11 o'clock number has to have Andy, in women's garb, singing "Just a Gigolo" after he's shot Gianni Versace in front of his house.

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