Sunday, January 04, 2004

What Happens in Vegas... 

What has already become the celebrity item of the week (unless Paris finds a way to top it) is, of course, Britney's hasty Vegas marriage to childhood friend Jason (Not George Costanza) Alexander in the wee hours of January 3. Publicity stunt to boost flagging sales of her album IN THE ZONE, or the actions of a drunken, horny, somewhat addled young woman? I'm going for the latter, and that Ms. Spears might have to get a proper divorce instead of an annulment. That boy Jason could end up quite the rich fellow in short order....and my suggestion for Britney? Rehab, rest, and a real disappearing act for at least six months, not the fake one like last time.

And, it should be added, perhaps this bit of news explains Britney's behavior. Or perhaps it doesn't.

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