Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Random stuff 

Seems that bloggers' birthdays congregate into clusters; last month there were a bunch of them, and now it seems that several of my favorites dawned in the Age of Aquarius, just like I did. So for those with upcoming birthdays, gifts--or at least the thought of them--are forthcoming.

The Cinetrix speculates on TMFTML's eerie similarity to the life story of one Mark Hunter, aka the character in Pump Up the Volume played by the guy that every seventh-grade girl around me drooled over. I can't really recall my own reaction. Granted, I was a clueless neophyte a year younger than the rest of my classmates, but it was bloody hard to escape that movie. What was it about it that endeared it to people of my generation? Was it the fact for equal opportunity slobbering? Was it the indefineable something that Samantha Mathis once had but lost? All I know is, if the trajectory follows, Our Boy in New York will soon start talking in a faux-Nicholson accent and start trashing hotel rooms and getting into altercations with his significant other involving broken beer bottles and arrests. And we wouldn't wish that upon him in the slightest.

OGIC presents a quote from Otto Penzler about his disdain for cozies, especially cat mysteries:

"Many of these books feature cats or recipes. If they have both, I want to burn that book unless the recipe features a cat."

Can't say I much blame him, since I have little tolerance for such books myself. Sadly, I haven't been able to see the article in question (I'll pull it up on Lexis-Nexis later when I have the chance) but based on my time as a bookseller, did I ever see the phenomenon in evidence. People love these books. Why? They are, I suppose, a comfort read, something to enjoy like a yummy piece of chocolate cake or some other kind of junk food. It's just not for me.

Of course, when it comes to Otto, he has a bit of an allergy to paperbacks in general. Or so I've been told.

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