Thursday, January 01, 2004

New Year's Notes 


Laura Lippman has updated with a missive on New Year's resolutions, why she doesn't go out looking for reviews, and the quotes the funniest opening paragraph written about the true evil of magazine editors.

Hank Steuver of the WaPo does some kind of What's In/What's Out list for the new year:

"Here's your List for 2004, and it's been 100 percent metrosexualized by yet another bossy sissy. We'd stick around and explain it to you, but everything on our List has already (already?!) been griped about and refuted on somebody's smarter-than-thou blog. (Drat!)"

Wow, the print media acknowledges how behind-the-curve they are compared to blogs? Gosh, that's SO 2003....

The NYT has a feature on the Feminist Press, which has launched an initiative to reissue the best of female pulp writers. I'm especially excited to hear of further reissues of the novels of Dorothy B. Hughes, whose IN A LONELY PLACE was one of the inaugural three. I read it a few weeks back and was knocked for six just how ahead of its time it was. It's without a doubt one of the classics of the genre, and portrays LA in a light that was quite different from fellow noirist Raymond Chandler.

As reported in several places, Brigit Hughes will take over as the editor for the Paris Review in a spot vacated by the death of George Plimpton.

And finally, Kurt Nilssen is the World Idol. I kinda like that, or as Ray Banks put it, it was "even nicer to see Norway winning something on behalf of Middle Earth." Besides, he did outsing Kelly. Now, here's hoping he gets his band tour-ready and fast.

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