Sunday, January 18, 2004

mystery notes 

If you're looking for ideas about what to do and where to go in the city of Baltimore, well, who better to ask than Laura Lippman? (Although I'm also curious about his, his and her take on the city, but that's me.) Anyway, today's WaPo features Lippman's walking tour of the city, as she takes us through the classic, the quirky, and the something extra. Even if you haven't read her books (and shame on you if you have not) you'll gather from this piece that Baltimore is a city she adores in all its glory.

Blake Crouch keeps on racking up the good reviews for his debut novel DESERT PLACES, including this one from the local paper I usually don't read (since it isn't delivered to my doorstep.)

And hot damn, the new edition of Plots With Guns is up, and it's chock full of the usual uber-noir and ultra-cool stuff (OK, so I also review of Stephen Hunter's HAVANA in the now-closed section. It's my blog, I shill for my friends. Occasionally, anyway.) Like what, you ask? Well, there's Maviano's Earful, and we learn about his resolutions for 2004: hang out with cool writers, solicit hate mail, and improve his writing. And lots more salacious stuff, too.

Then there's the interview with Charlie Stella, the new king of Mafia Fiction. Damn, I wish I had thought of that moniker myself. And of course, stories. Boy, are there some good stories here: from Reed Farrel Coleman, who puts a decidedly hardboiled spin on the Kaddish prayer; new It Boy Mark Conard, Pindeldyboz fave Paul Toth, and a hell of a lot more. Don't know how Neil and Trev do it but once again, it's another fabulous issue.

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