Friday, January 30, 2004

Home again 

After enduring a 10 hour train ride sitting amongst cheery college kids heading to a debate tournament (with penchant for making comments like "let's take pictures of the customs agents at the border. That would be so cool!") followed by a bus ride where the driver forgot how to drive on the highway, I'm back in the bitterly cold, somewhat snowy wilds of my dear hometown.

Frankly, I'm too knackered now to say anything much of coherence except that it saddened me just a bit to read this. Though Lizzie makes many a swell point, let's just get to the bottom line here: it doesn't matter. Sometimes a secret--even a relatively open one--is best kept that way. After all, was Moonlighting a better show once Maddie and David slept together after years of "will they or won't they"? Or Remington Steele or any other show that used that device? Was "Primary Colors" a better reading experience for knowing that Joe Klein was the author? Is "Beowulf" a crap poem because no one really knows who the author is? Or, for that matter, Shakespeare's plays, if you aren't convinced he was a real person? Not all mysteries need to be solved, and not all tension must have resolution. Truth isn't necessarily more important than a construct, and an authorial voice doesn't have to have a name attached to make it more credible or worthwhile.

But if you must know....TMFTML has more hair than Bruce Willis but less than Pierce Brosnan. Sorry, man, but it had to come out.

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