Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Good for research 

Reported at Publisher's Marketplace today:

Forensics expert Frederick Zugibe, M.D. and writer David Carroll's DISSECTING DEATH: SECRETS OF A MEDICAL
EXAMINER, featuring 11 of Dr. Zugibe's most high-profile cases, explaining exactly how he cracked them using reasoning reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, to Stacy Creamer at Broadway, in a very nice deal, by Ed Knappman at New England Publishing Associates (NA).

In looking over Zugibe's credentials, they are most impressive. He was Chief Medical Examiner of Rockland County, NY from 1969 till early 2003, and has written a lot on pathology and forensic pathology. Zugibe's biggest claim to fame is his work on the Shroud of Turin and other matters relating to Christ's death. Never mind that there hasn't really been a good book by a medical examiner since Milton Helpern's long-out-of-print book AUTOPSY (Michael Baden's first book wasn't bad, but he spent too much of his time ranting against the perceived injustices against him. Eh.) But here's hoping that at some point, and soon, Charles Hirsch sits down and writes his memoirs. As the Chief ME of New York City, he'd no doubt have a great deal to say about his work, his life, and its context in all matters of New York City. And frankly, he's one of the most brilliant, professional people I've ever had the chance to come across.

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