Monday, January 12, 2004

Edgar Week Symposium 

Schedules willing, I'll be at the Edgar Awards this year, which would mark the third year in a row that I'll be in attendance. Thanks to the folks at Mystery News, I'm now aware of the dates for the major events of Edgar Week. The Official stuff gets started on Wednesday, April 28th with the Edgar Symposium. So if you're a member of the MWA (or about to be) and are still looking for a publisher, agent, or want more advice on the craft of writing, this is a good thing to attend. The Symposium lasts all day and more information can be found here. The Symposium day ends with the annual Agents & Editor's party, something which I've yet to attend because I've been told it's ferociously crowded, but I suspect I may well go this year.

However, the *real* fun begins after the A&E party's over, when people make their way downtown to Partners & Crime for their annual "Nevermores", a spoof of the Edgars that when it's good, it's hilarious. Last year was widely regarded as the best Nevermores in years; my own involvement (hey, I did work there at the time) was limited to dressing up and giving out said awards to the "winners" but of course, everyone was in good humor.

Black Orchid Bookshop also hosts a party during the Week; theirs will likely be on Tuesday, April 27th, the day before the Symposium. And, of course, the actual awards (black tie or thereabouts, aka a good reason to break out the fancy dresses I never wear otherwise) will be held on April 29th. And who are the nominees? Well, those won't be announced till the first week of February. Stay tuned--no doubt I'll have some very choice comments on the final shortlist.

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