Friday, January 09, 2004

Checking not-so-local listings 

We open with a bit of sad news: the Edinburgh office of literary agency Curtis Brown founded by Giles Gordon (who died late last year) is about to close. His clients will be reassigned to other London agents. Oy, I suspect some clients are in for poaching...

Tintin turns 75. Shouldn't his hair be going grey by now?

The Guardian is quite puzzled why Taschen, in doing that monstrously huge Muhammad Ali book that will cost $3000, is even bothering. I think it's because he wanted to title some other book GOAT but it would be illegal in seventeen countries. So this had to do.

Michiko (or as Lizzie's referring to her these days, "Chiko") reviews Anne Tyler's new novel.

Carolyn See is mightily impressed with Gavin Lambert's new biography of Natalie Wood. Lambert, it should be noted, wrote the novel "Inside Daisy Clover" about a fictionalized version of her, which became a movie starring....Natalie Wood.

The Aussies are worried that their vernacular is dying out with the onslaught of American media. That's what happens to a lot of dialects these days...

And finally, StorySouth is looking for nominations for their "Million Writers" project. The idea is to showcase the best of online fiction which would otherwise not be widely known. Works for me, especially with the proliferation of some wonderful online crime fiction magazines. Nominate your favorites here.

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