Thursday, January 15, 2004

Beating a dead horse? 

Nancy Drew returns in March with four new paperbacks--updated for 21st century hipness. Gah, I remember being a young pre-teen and reading the "Nancy Drew Files" updated paperbacks. And they sucked compared to the original, quasi politically-incorrect originals penned by Mildred Wert Benson back in 1930. So why do this again? I hate when books are "updated" for the times. Like Gordon Korman's classic MacDonald Hall novels, which were revamped for their 25th Anniversary reissue last year. Now Bruno and Boots use cell phones and text message each other! The evil 515 and the computer paper is history, replaced by a rogue software program in The Wizzle War (formerly known as The War with Mr. Wizzle)! Sheesh. Or maybe I'm just a reactionary.

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