Sunday, January 11, 2004

And still more stuff 

The French Poet Arthur Rimbaud is often presented as a romantic, tragic figure. But the truth, as it turns out from the first-time publication of his complete letters, is rather different.

In the latest "Crime Sheet" from the Crime Writer's Association, David Stuart Davies talks about Orion's new initiative, the Nine New Blood. They have grouped together nine debut UK authors: Americans David Corbett, Denise Hamilton, Alafair Burke and Stuart Archer Cohen, Brits Richard Burke, Victoria Blake, Steve Mosby and John Connor, and Italian Massimo Carlotto and are launching their books at the same time. If you're in and around London next week, be sure to catch these authors--all together or in smaller groups--at several events, including the Ottakars Bookshop in Putney on January 13th, and the official launch party at Browns Courtrooms on St. Martin's Lane on the 15th (but for that, you have to RSVP, or at least go along with someone who's RSVPed....)

Jack Batten, in his bi-weekly crime column for the Toronto Star, wishes that Robert B. Parker would do something, anything, to rev up his Jesse Stone series:

Jesse put down the cinnamon doughnut he was working on. He wiped his fingers on a napkin, and looked up at me.

"Are we back to the subject of Jenn?" he said.

"In for a penny, in for a pound is my motto," I said. "Rita would be great for you. Jenn is not great. Jesse, Jenn's a TV weather girl with brain to match. You happen to be an eminent sleuth, a man who embarks on adventures that are bracing to one and all. When Jenn and her presence assert themselves, your adventures lose lustre."

Jesse took his time answering. "Jenn stays in the picture," he said.

"That's what I was afraid of," I said.

And the latest Holt Uncensored newsletter is up. Pat Holt begins her wishlist for 2004 (#1: Amazon pays authors for used book sales) and a particuarly chilling letter about an author whose agents submitted a book proposal to various editors, and a house that lost the auction proceeded to farm the idea to another author--essentially stealing the author's work. Pretty appalling behavior if you ask me.

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