Wednesday, January 07, 2004

All Neal all the time 

So just because Neal Pollack shut down his website doesn't mean that he's totally quiet. Robert Birnbaum interviews him, and gets the scoop on Pollack's formative years at Northwestern, why the "mainstream literary culture" is dead, and his next project: THE BALLS OF SUMMER, a "combination parody of baseball writing and also supermarket political thrillers." Well hell, I'm already sold. And Pollack goes on to say that he read all the usual literature greats in college but he's now reading crime novels, which are much more to his liking of late.

I must point out one particular thing, relating to this particular exchange about the inbred nature of New York culture and media:

RB: That's what happens in New York. On one end of the spectrum you have phenomenon like this woman, Elizabeth Spiers—

NP: She's a friend of mine, actually.

RB: Is she? How did that happen? She's from Alabama and now New York and you are in Austin?

NP: I just started emailing her.

RB: You became friends via email?

Granted, it's only a transcript, but why is this so shocking? In all the places I've lived, I knew people prior to moving. Why? Email, or even better, instant messaging. Viva la Internet. It's a great way to make new friends, whether through email. IM, blogging, or whatnot.

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