Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Twas the day before Christmas 

And all I'm doing is sleeping in late and blogging.

A few months ago, there was a big flap about the Chinese publisher of Hillary Clinton's LIVING HISTORY censoring the book for anything anti-China or whatnot. Simon & Schuster demanded that the bits go back in. They were rebuffed, and now S&S has cancelled the contract and demands the remaining inventory be destroyed.

What do you get when you cross Zoe Trope with The Sexual Life of Catherine M? Probably something approximating 18 year old Melissa Panarello's runaway success in Italy, ONE HUNDRED STROKES OF THE HAIRBRUSH BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP (which you know will be changed when the book will be published by Grove/Atlantic in English next fall.) Cup of Chicha linked to the story first and has some dead-on commentary about the whole business.

I actually saw this yesterday but Gov. Pataki has finally pardoned Lenny Bruce on the 1964 obscenity charge. Isn't it kinda too late now? But no matter. My memories of Bruce are, naturally, limited to record and celluloid, but I will forever remember his appearance on the premiere episode of Playboy's Penthouse, if only because he made all sorts of crazy jokes about Jewish funerals. Ah, Lenny.

Mark directs me to Danger Blog! which is putting up MP3s of Peter Sellers doing all sorts of parodies. As a child, I wore out the CD of Peter's greatest comedy hits (or whatever the compilaton was actually titled.) Although I thought "A Hard Day's Night" was hilarious, I'm also partial to his rendition of "She Loves You" (done in a distinctly, er, Germanic style) , "Goodness Gracious Me" (with Sophia Loren, whom he was kind of stalking at the time) , and a sketch that sadly, isn't available online, "Auntie Rotter", an absolutely brilliant feat of macabre storytelling involving a kind-hearted (or is she?) old lady.....

And finally, this story was too funny to pass up. A case of parental relationships gone horribly awry, or just two dogs wanting to beat the shit out of each other? You decide.

Anyway, that's it. A slow day, indeed. Enjoy your holidays, whatever they may be. Have fun, and keep safe.

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