Tuesday, December 30, 2003


As the story of a man trapped under his TBR pile makes the blog-rounds today, all I want to know is: so what did he read while he was buried? If the answer is nothing, isn't that the biggest tragedy of all?

Michelle Paul rounds up the best book-related stories of the year for the Guardian. All the usual stuff, though I hadn't realized that Iain Duncan Smith only got 2,500 pounds for his heavily panned thriller. All that abuse, and hardly any advance to show for it? Now that's tragedy....

The French have finally succumbed. Book commercials will now grace the airwaves in that country, after furious opposition to such an endeavor. The first book to have the honor? Paul Burrell's biography of Princess Di. All that brouhaha and this is the book that gets to go first? Ah well.

There's another Marion Ettlinger profile, this time in Australia's The Age. I've long held that her photos make authors look rather unrealistic and creepy, and there's no greater proof than the accompanying photo of Patricia Highsmith. Um, yikes.

Collected Miscellany reviews Chicago Sun-Times' Book editor--and David Montgomery's boss-- Henry Kisor's debut mystery novel SEASON'S REVENGE

And finally, Wilson--that's the Home Improvement Wacky Neighbor (TM) dude--has died at the age of 61. Who will Tim Allen talk to over the fence now? Oh wait, the show's been cancelled for a few years, hasn't it....

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