Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Remainders of the night 

I'm thinking of changing the blog name, because thanks to The Black Blog, I now know how it translates in Italian: Confessioni di una mente idiosincratica. Why does it sound cooler in a romance language? Props to those who can tell me the Yiddish translation....

And while I'm mentioning this new blog, though my Italian is at best, pathetic, it appears to be run by an Italian publisher of crime fiction and noir, as they have the Italian versions of books by the likes of Denise Danks, Stella Duffy, and Tim McLoughlin.

The latest issue of Mystery Scene is available on newsstands, and it has one of the better pictures of Dennis Lehane I've seen in ages. For some reason, the author photos that grace the back pages of the dust jacket copy of his books never quite do him justice. And his books are mighty fine as well, for those that saw the movie MYSTIC RIVER and want to know more about the man behind the story.

The phenomenal success of EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES has made Lynne Truss just a wee bit anxious. She talks at length about critics, cats, and how success has--or hasn't--changed her in the Telegraph.

The New York Times takes a look at Erskine Caldwell on the centenary of his birth. When Tobacco Road was published back in 1932, it was considered quite scandalous. Then it became a hit Broadway play and now it all seems rather tame.

But just as the Times gets thoughtful, they also show their true colors in catching onto a trend a year or so after it was actually over. At the rate they are heading, we should see a detailed analysis of the KGB pill sometime in oh, 2006.

Unlike the PhD thing, we only wish Madonna's endorsement of Wesley Clark as a "natural born leader" was a hoax. As a followup, it was reported that Woody Harrelson would be playing Clark in an upcoming biopic, with Juliette Lewis as the general's wife. I suspect a few liberties will be made with the real story once it gets to Hollywood.....

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