Friday, December 12, 2003

Prizes, books, news and more 

Yes, another literary prize has been awarded, this time the Cervantes Prize, the Spanish-speaking equivalent of the Booker. The winner is Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas.

The bookstore formerly known as Crime in Store (that's Crime On Store to the rest of you folk) hopes to move to its new premises on Great Russell Street in January, after getting kicked out of the Store Street premises a couple of months back. They get knocked down, and they get up again....anyway we'll see how long this lasts.

The University of Exeter has located a picture of JM Barrie dressed up as Captain Hook--four years before Peter Pan was ever written or staged. Maybe he was just dressing up as a pirate for Hallowe'en?

The Christmas season is a time for buying books en masse. But what happens if the stock can't meet demand, even though many books will be returned in January? The publishers try to gamble on how much to reprint.

Science fiction writer Gwyneth Jones, who the Brits say is the best female writer in the genre since Ursula Le Guin, is interviewed at the Independent.

Whither the scientific journal? Should academics be forced to pay exorbitant prices to gain access to articles, or should they be public information available to everyone? Reed Elsevier, one of the largest such conglomerates (also owns Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus Reviews) is being investigated by an MP heading up an inquiry into the publishing market of such journals, and RE may well be on the hot seat. (link from Moby.)

The Princess Diana theories rage on (let's not get into Patricia Cornwell's insane conclusions for the time being), but now there's a book of fiction about her. As imagined by authors Emma Tennant and Hilary Bailey, Di faked her death, became a nurse in India and Pakistan, and returns to Windsor Castle to nurse Prince Harry. Or something.

Most books are turned into movies, but Margaret Atwood's THE HANDMAID'S TALE was staged as an opera all over Europe, and is coming soon to Toronto. Hmm. I think this might actually work....

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