Wednesday, December 10, 2003

A NY state of blog 

Much as I would have liked to blog whilst on the road, I found it rather hard to do so, mostly due to the fact that I simply don't have regular computer access. Never mind that at times it is rather nice to be out amongst the natives, spend time with cute babies, take care of pressing academic and book related business, and drink myself silly. Regular blogging duties will commence over the weekend. Thank you for your patience.

It has been a rather illuminating experience being back in the city where I'd spent the last two or so years. It is still my favorite city, but at the same time I remember all too well why I was happy to leave at the time. Fast and faster pace, a regularly high level of stress. There's no middle ground in Manhattan, and perhaps it's something I crave at this particular point in my life. Well, that and steady employment. Which will arrive first is anybody's guess.

But have no fear. The usual dollop of literary, crime fiction, and other snarky matters will be back in full force. In the meantime, contemplate the designation of Nick Hornby as 2003's writer's writer. Funny, I always thought that sort of award usually went to people like, I dunno, Philip Roth or Gabriel Garcia Marquez.....

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