Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Not much to say today, really 

All the good stuff is being linked elsewhere, so a few choice comments this afternoon as I get used to life with orthotics:

Yes, the picture of Elizabeth "It's pronounced like SPY magazine" Spiers is not terribly flattering at all, but the profile certainly is. I think she'd also make a fine candidate to participate in the upcoming musical based on "But I'm a Cheerleader." (I kid you not. Though of course, I can't find a link to the story anywhere right now.)

Note to everyone who's linking it: the Hartford Courant article on Tony Kushner and Maurice Sendak's BRUNDIBAR makes no mention whatsoever of Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze's upcoming collaboration on WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. That's only been reported in Time Out New York, which was what Maud was originally talking about. Just thought I'd clear that little bit of business up. Now, of course, my gut reaction on the news, which is that it's going to be an absolute disaster. Dave Eggers? DAVE EGGERS? God, what's next, Jonathan Safran Foer adapting HARRIET THE SPY? (Oh, wait. Donna Tartt already did that.) Anyway, I think I might keel over from the implications of all those sentences....

EDIT: Actually, the Dave Eggers reference is there, but in reading the article twice and using that dratted CTRL-F function, I managed to miss it. Maybe I'm allergic to the mention of Eggers in print? Anyway, for more on the matter, go see Ed's post on trying to get the scoop once and for all.

Wanna know why the Lord of the Rings trilogy is so damned popular? Then join up a 40,000 pound study sponsored by the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, on that very matter. Answer questions like "Where and when is Middle Earth to you?" For more information (if you dare), check out this link.

With the impending release of the movie Paycheck, which is the fifth movie based on a novel or story by Philip K. Dick, the National Post asks: are the movies really doing his work justice? Considering that Ridley Scott dismissed DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP quickly, saying he'd never read the book he based Blade Runner on, and it has turned out to be the movie "most faithful to Dick's version," maybe there's something to that.

And finally, Happy Festivus, everyone.

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