Thursday, December 18, 2003

The mood in Paris 

Roger Simon is back from his Paris trip (researching his next novel) and offers an eye-opening view of the current climate over there. Especially check out a picture he took of graffiti on a street near a Jewish school, that which he was going to photograph but decided not to in the end:

Despite its almost block-length size there is no sign or name on the building, certainly no Hebrew letters or Jewish words of any kind to identify it as if it were a secret government installation or think tank. You would have no idea what it was except for a simple “College” written by one of the doors. When I stopped to take this picture, a barrel-chested man who looked like an expert in karate or krav maga, obviously a security guard, rushed out the door in seconds to see who I was, demanding to know what I was doing there. I had to repeat for him several times that I was Jew from California before he relaxed and asked me to please put away my camera.

Not a happy place to be in, I should say.

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