Friday, December 05, 2003

Looking for Fun and Feeling Bloggy... 

Ah, the joy coursing through my drone-like existence at the thought of the weekend before me. Reading, writing and filling out Christmas cards as the squirrels outside complain bitterly about the lack of fresh seed in the birdfeeders. But, I find the time to trawl through a few news items that having me spewing coffee on my monitor and thinking, "There but for the Grace of God and personal trainers, neurosis, a few million dollars and a celebrity boyfriend go I."

Poor Gwyneth! Besides having a lispy name and poor fashion sense, she now has to speak to complete strangers about her pregnanacy! When she relates, "I touch wood and I pinch my stomach - it's a good luck thing. Now there's a lot more to pinch." I chortle and slap my knee. If she swallowed a peanut, there would be more to pinch.

Now, we all know Sarah's feelings about Paris Hilton. Courtney Love is my Paris. She suits me more. Trashy, briefly a shining orb of well-dressed bliss, then right back to bad hair, bad clothes and bad mouthing everyone. How is Courtney doing these days? Relating to the judge that she is not guilty of drug possession, she pleads for rehab. Apparently, she experienced Divine Injection.

I hope everyone has a lovely Friday. I anticipate a lot of coffee, a few curses during the drive to work and a 50-yard dash for the time clock when 3:30 comes around.

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