Monday, December 22, 2003

A light dose of news 

Thought you had enough once the Lord of the Rings trilogy finished? Think again. CS Lewis' The Narnia Chronicles is the next series to get an epic movie treatment. Wonder how much of the Christian overtones will be kept. The first book was great, the rest....

JG Ballard follows the trend of turning down awards--this time, the CBE. He tells the Guardian why he did so.

The Washington Post reviews Ayelet Waldman's DAUGHTER'S KEEPER, wondering if the morality tale about the war on drugs might have been better served in a nonfiction book.

What makes books beautiful? Is it the content, the cover art, the size? More often than not it's due, in part, to those who bind them. More in the Financial Times about these unsung heroes.

The Globe & Mail comments on the whole Eats, Shoots and Leaves phenomenon. I just want to know why every time I type that I think of HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES?

The G&M also interviews crime writer Minette Walters, whose latest novel DISORDERED MINDS has been getting reviewed in scads of places of late. It looks like Minette will be taking a bit of a sabbatical from writing in the next little while as she's had to endure some family tragedies in the last year or so.

And finally, in a blogger's delight, Maud Newton, Robert Birnbaum, Alex Good, Michael Orthofer, and Jessa Crispin participated in a round-table discussion talking about the Year in Books. Check it out. (link from Maud.)

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