Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Introducing our Guest Blogger 

I'm going out of town for the next few days, but rather than keep the site stale the entire time, I'm handing over the reins of this blog for the rest of the week to a fellow reviewer, colleague and friend, Jennifer Jordan.

I first met Jen at the Austin Bouchercon last year. She's the younger sister of my friend Jon, who is one of the nouveau machers in the crime fiction community, a position cemented with the release of his book INTERROGATIONS. He thought the two of us would hit it off, and did we ever. Of course, copious amounts of alcohol consumption hastened matters considerably as we compared notes about books, philosophies, and men. The usual things, I suppose. We pick each other's works apart and try really hard not to give bullshit criticism. Jen's take-no-prisoners attitude comes across in her work, as well. She reviews for January Magazine, and has had several features and interviews published in Deadly Pleasures, Web Mystery Magazine, and Plots With Guns. I do believe she has a short story or two in the pipeline, and has several other projects ongoing. Writing is just as much of a passion for her as is reading. I fully expect to get a three-sentence writeup of her book deal in an upcoming issue of Lunch Weekly (but no pressure, chick.)

So, enjoy. I'll be checking in sporadically from the road next week, but won't resume full blogging duties till next weekend or so. In the meantime, it's Jen's world: we just think we live in it.

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