Thursday, December 18, 2003

I only just figured this out now 

While reading this article about the duelling American Idol books by Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, I came across a throway reference that Randy was a bassist for--gasp!--Journey about 20 or so years ago. After letting my eyes pop out a bit and frantically trying to figure out how the hell a Jackson 5 member did such a thing, a simple Google search revealed the following bit of information:

Please note that there are apparently at least three Randy Jacksons in the music industry: as well as Journey/American Idol's Randy Jackson, there is the lead vocalist/guitarist of the heavy metal band Zebra, as well as the youngest sibling of Michael Jackson's family. Journey/American Idol's Randy Jackson is no relation to either of them.

I'm only posting this in order to spare the two other people the same kind of headache.

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