Sunday, December 28, 2003

Hot content for the New Year 

The latest edition of SHOTS magazine is now up and running, and it's chock-a-block full of new goodies:

--Ali Karim's sprawling roundup of the goings-on last summer at the Harrogate Crime Festival. Reading it took me back to the wonderful time I had (though I was only "somewhat wrecked.")

--Ayo Onatade's interview of Peter May, who sets his series in the Far East

Forthcoming: a feature on Orion's "New Blood" featuring the UK debuts of nine crime fiction authors; and Ali's report on Bouchercon this past October.

--Several new short stories, including a couple of my own picks. Read Carol Anne Davis' hilariously macabre "How to Save Your Own Life," Aliya Whiteley's spooky little suspense bit "The Message," Geoff Nelder's clever "Fake Fake" and Herschel Cozine's "Faithful Wife."


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