Sunday, December 07, 2003

Dumb and Dumber... 

An article in the New York Times says that hapless fashion mavens are having radical surgery on to their feet in order to fit into the latest, pointiest and highest shoes. I get my toes chopped at the knuckle for no shoe!

Ozzy, Ozzy, Drug-free! The infamous Ozzy shuffle is being blamed on prescriptions drugs forced on the naive Ozzy by a mean, vicious doctor! It seems the slurring and stuttering that captivated America were all Valium induced. A sad day for fans of the show, as the drug-free Osbourne now spouts off existentialism vs the post modern movement whilst practicing the mambo with one of the family dogs.

Oh, the weirdness that is the Druge report!
The disappearance of a Winnipeg DJ has finally been explained. It seems that after the recent ban in smoking in local clubs, an odd smell was reported to the police. Upon investigation, police found Eduardo Sanchez behind one of the club walls. Why he crawled behind it is a mystery but foul play is not suspected.

The BBC reports that the tourism trade in the Golden Triangle, stretched out over remote mountainous lands in four countries, is one of the world's primary sources of opium and the latest go to spot for tourists in Asia. There is a Golden Triangle restaurant, a Golden Triangle bar, a Golden Triangle hotel and even a Golden Triangle Massage Parlor (whose slogan is:"Your apprehension is our utmost appreciate"). The BBC wonders asks: What's next on the tour operator's agenda? A "Come and Watch the Bombs in Baghdad Expedition", perhaps?

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