Thursday, December 11, 2003

Although if a spokesperson for my generation is available... 

...perhaps one of this week's Power Punks (don't worry, we've already snickered mightily about the alliteration used here, when not frightened by images of those powerful young folk clad in horribly shiny cartoon-style suits) may fit the bill, even if he might be a bit outside the suggested age region for this generation business. He's already demonstrated his acumen for the long poem, and has given us excerpts from an upcoming novel. Now he's seen fit to try his hand at screenwriting just this very day. A veritable Renaissance Man--well, almost. No doubt a memoir is in the works, as is a collection of short stories, but those alone wouldn't impress us. Nope, we'll be most excited at the prospect of a musical. Title suggestions welcome, but they must all end with an exclamation point.

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