Wednesday, November 05, 2003

What does Paris have that they all want? 

I tried, oh how I tried, not to comment on today's item about the woman who puts the "ho" in hotel. But I couldn't let the idea that she's the "ultimate resolution of the virgin/whore archetype" go completely unnoticed.

For one thing, when Paris and her younger sister Nicky burst onto the party scene a few years back, I doubt "virginal" was the adjective most people (by that I mean men, but let's add Ingrid Casares to the mix as well) had in mind when watching the Hilton girls' antics. "Spoiled" "publicity hungry" and "attention-starved" seem far more likely words to have sprung to mind upon sighting them cutting in line or dancing drunkenly or tottering around in ridiculously high heels. The problem, it seems to me, is that the Hiltons, especially Paris, really don't know how to relate to people except in terms of how important they are, or more specifically, how important they are to them. And playing the shy, coy, hard to get virgin stereotype simply isn't in their vocabulary. As Choire eloquently said in his letter to Paris two months ago, it would do everyone--especially herself--some good if she could take a vacation. But with this sex tape, I guess it's less about rest and more about damage control for the time being.

If anyone fits the archetype perfectly, albeit in an extremely obvious manner, it's Britney Spears. What the future holds for her, I have no clue, but I have no problem seeing her, 10 years from now, married to some televangelist type and spouting the Good Word of the Lord as a bible-thumpin', proselytizin' gal. If Tammy Faye could do it, so can Britney. Granted, the televangelist type she ends up with--or, because the TV preacher thing was so incredibly late 80s--would have to do a better job of not getting into trouble with the taxman....

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