Monday, November 03, 2003

The Weekly Lunch Menu 

Meg Cabot figures quite prominently in this week's installment. Not only will she be writing three more books in the PRINCESS DIARIES series, but she's sold a sequel to ALL AMERICAN GIRL (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and an additional novel, TEEN IDOL, for a tidy seven figures. The UK and German rights have sold as well. The woman is a blooming phenomenon, but she's really got a way with the YA voice, I must say.

In the Dan Brown Ripoff sweepstakes:

Author of THE AMBER ROOM Steve Berry's THE THIRD SECRET, based on the premise that after being sealed away in the Vatican for decades, the third secret of Fatima was revealed to the world in May 2000, and one man -- a cardinal who schemes to be pope -- knows there was more to the message, and what he knows will change the world forever, plus a second untitled international thriller, to Mark Tavani at Ballantine, in a significant deal, by Pam Ahearn at The Ahearn Agency (world).

And the message is: "help, I'm being held hostage in a Vatican cookie factory."

Moving on...

Author of the bestselling THE KITCHEN BOY Robert Alexander's new work of historical fiction RASPUTIN'S DAUGHTER, inspired by a historical document in the author's collection, in which the eldest child of the charismatic Russian holy man recounts the last days and murder of her father, to Jane von Mehren at Viking Penguin, for six figures, by Marly Rusoff (world).

Cool, as I love Russian history. I know Alexander is a pseudonym for a previously published author but the name escapes me now.

Director, screenwriter, and novelist Neil Jordan's SHADE, a haunting novel of love and war, narrated by the ghost of a woman who is murdered in the opening scene of the book, the story of two pairs of siblings growing up in Ireland in the first half of the century and how their lives interweave, to Karen Rinaldi at Bloomsbury, for publication in fall 2004, by Kim Witherspoon at Witherspoon Associates (US).

Oooh, this could be quite interesting, indeed. I gather it's a UK only deal but it wouldn't surprise me if a US deal was forthcoming.

Lori Avocato's OPEN WIDE, three books that follow investigator and former nurse Pauline Sokol and her cast of sidekicks as they investigate "medicine, mayhem, and murder," to Erin Richnow at Avon/Morrow, in a nice deal, by Jay Poynor at The Poynor Group (world).

Another POD publisher who makes good. Sounds like an interesting premise for a new series, in any case.

Andreas Killen's untitled book on 1973, arguing that it was a watershed year in American history (Watergate, the Yom Kippur war, the first Arab oil shock, Wounded Knee, the passage of the Rockefeller laws, and the re-instatement of the death penalty), a moment of major realignments and
shifts in culture and society, when Americans attempted to make sense of the Sixties and look to the future, Gillian Blake at Bloomsbury, for publication in winter 2005, by Richard Abate at ICM (world English).

Don't forget Roe v. Wade and a little less seriously, the #1 hit The Cover of the Rolling Stone....

And one for the cranky bloggers:

Spin senior writer and Esquire columnist Chuck Klosterman's KILLING YOURSELF TO LIVE: 85 PERCENT OF A TRUE STORY, a raucous road story based on the author's 21-day nationwide search for the final resting places of dead rock & rollers, the nature of relationships (particularly his own), the cult of celebrity, and the final word on, um, death, again to Brant Rumble at Scribner, by Daniel Greenberg at Levine/Greenberg (NA).

So this year's book got the sex and drugs and now he's doing the rock 'n roll part? I hope he picked some semi-obscure ones, though I doubt he'll make it to Paris to see Jim Morrison, but who knows?

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