Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Two new blogs 

I'm always looking to link those in the crime fiction world who have taken up the pastime of blogging (even those who resist officially, but unoffically are part of this world as well) and I'd like to point your attention to a couple that are coming along very nicely.

Jim Pascoe is a man of many talents, as a writer, artist, designer, and co-publisher (along with Tom Fassbender) of perhaps the coolest independent publisher in America, UglyTown. The books look wonderful and what's inside is never, ever disappointing. Case in point? They're responsible for Sean Doolittle's BURN (which you are going to buy, of course.) and launching Victor Gischler's career with GUN MONKEYS, among many other fine books. I first met Jim at the DC Bouchercon two years ago, when everyone was wondering "who are those cool cats wearing sharp suits? And why does one have green hair?" Jim hasn't had green hair in a while but he does have an addiction to googly glasses. His site's back up after a too-long hiatus but I like it already.

Charlie Stella is the author of three noir novels, the latest (out in a few weeks) being CHARLIE OPERA (full disclosure: my review of the book runs next month in January Magazine's Rap Sheet, but lead times are such that it was in the can a while before I started visiting his site.) He's had "Knucksline" running for a couple of years now, and perhaps he doesn't think of it as a blog per se, but it is, and one that has a distinctive voice--just like Stella's books.

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