Saturday, November 01, 2003

Tasteless costume awards 

With Halloween but a fading memory (hardly any kids showed up here, which means leftover crappy candy for me not to eat), Page Six reports on the most Tasteless Halloween Costumes:

A slender man with short black hair and a bloodied white shirt had a stuffed tiger wrapped around his neck. His lady friend, dressed all in black, had slicked-back blond hair. Did someone say "Roy?"

Topping that, however were the duo dressing as Elizabeth Smart and her kidnapper, and the guy going as a WTC victim. However, and I wish I had the link handy, I'll go one better: the Baltimore Ravens football player who dressed up as Kobe Bryant, while his wife went as Bryant's accuser, going so far as to wear a t-shirt with the slogan "3 men in 3 days" written across the chest.

Pretty freaking tasteless.

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