Thursday, November 06, 2003

Speaking of Zagat... 

Now that Jennifer Weiner is a mom, she gets some rather interesting questions at signings:

"Are you going to write a book for children?"

"You have so much joy and energy! Are you going to have more babies?"

To the latter question, she wished she would have answered "did my mother tell you to ask that?" But the first question is somewhat more pertinent, and Weiner sometimes fantasizes about doing a Zagat for children:

The "ORGANIC PEAS" in the "SMALL GLASS BOTTLE" had an "UNAPPEALING" "GREENISH-GRAY" color and a "RUNNY" consistency. However, because of the waitstaff's "CAJOLING, INSISTENT" manner, you'll more than likely find yourself "EATING SEVERAL BITES" and even "SUCKING THE BIB" afterwards.

Hey, sounds good to me.....

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