Saturday, November 15, 2003

Somebody get me a copy 

According to yesterday's edition of Publisher's Lunch, the traditional cover ad package that accompanies issues of Publisher's Weekly actually resulted in some controversy. Evidently the folks at Rugged Land, a new publishing house founded by Webster Stone and former Random House editor Shawn Coyne (who edited, among others Robert Crais) decided to have some fun with the space they were given. They produced a five page tabloid-style package which poked fun at various publishing bigshots like Sonny Mehta, Morgan Entrekin, and Jay McInerney, as well as themselves. Unfortunately, PW nearly got cold feet and phoned up Rugged Land to request a multitude of changes so as not to piss anyone off. Stone got upset and threatened to pull the ad, but in the end, the only thing that was altered was an image of "a big publisher of a company recently up for sale "merged" between socialites of the moment Paris and Nicky Hilton ("Old media +new media = hot media!"). The photo was blurred, and over the person’s name it will say "censored" instead."

From what I can see of Rugged Land, they seem like really cool people, small publishers who really know what they are doing and know how to get results. The company only publishes 10-12 titles a year (included Donald Harstad's A LONG DECEMBER, the latest in a series originally acquired by Coyne back when he was a senior editor with Doubleday) but really put a concerted effort into each title. So why not produce an ad package with humor and fun? Makes them different from the stodgy Old Guard. So yeah, I want to see this.

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