Wednesday, November 26, 2003

An open letter to the folks running Bouchercon 2004 

Dear Al Navis & co.,

Don't get me wrong. I think next year's Bouchercon will be great. It's in Toronto, in the heart of downtown, with tons to do. The dealers will be happy, there will be lots of new faces I can't wait to meet and old faces I can't wait to see again. It'll be the most diverse and international crowd of folks because the great thing about Canadian bookstores is that they stock not only US publications, but UK ones as well. Therefore, there are no excuses for authors not being their to flog their books (unless they don't have any to flog this particular year.)

But I'm worried, terribly worried, that with the convention less than a year away (October 7-10 to be exact), the website doesn't work. Yes, folks, click the link and you'll get an error message. So, where is it? How do clueless folk magically know how to go about registering, finding out additional information, knowing who the guests of honor are? Sure, I could google some terms and find them, but not everyone is as resourceful and quick-thinking as I am. They want one-stop shopping. For which I cannot blame them.

No one wants a repeat of this past year where there were two sites for the Vegas Bouchercon, each with differing degrees of staleness (in other words, neither was ever properly updated.) So please, I implore you all: get the website up soon, and fast.

Respectfully yours,

Sarah Weinman

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