Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Of broom closets and other things 

Boris Becker hasn't had a good few years. Although he garnered some good notices for his work doing color commentary for Wimbledon, otherwise, he's faced tax evasion, losing his fortune, and a very messy paternity case that broke up his marriage. Now he's written a book which deals with his five-minute dalliance with Angela Ermakova in the broom closet in a much more revealing manner.

Neal Pollack is back after his mega rock 'n roll tour. He's rather disappointed with the movie SHATTERED GLASS:

I went to see Shattered Glass over the weekend, and was bitterly disappointed that my role in the sordid affair was glossed over, and, some would say, utterly ignored by the screenwriter. This is very typical, I think, of the way Hollywood treats the Jews. To set the record straight: I was at The New Republic the whole time, or at least part of the time, if nothing else then because I was constantly trying to get Leon Weiseltier to return my calls.

No word though on Pollack's reaction to the glossing over of his importance in THE MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS (or LORD OF THE RINGS while we're at it.)

As the awarding of the Giller prize approaches, Michael Ondaatje worries that the wrong books are being picked by juries.

The singers Kim Stockwood, Tara MacLean, and Damhnait Doyle have formed a new "supergroup" called Shaye. The band is named after McLean's younger sister, who died recently in a car crash. Other tragedies and joys have had a hand in shaping the group, but none more so than Shaye MacLean's death:

The events leading to Shaye's death ironically lend themselves beautifully to song, although the singers chose not to write about it for this album. She'd pulled over to the side of the highway to kiss her boyfriend when a driver who was changing radio stations lost control and hit the couple's car from behind.

"She left us in a very romantic way," MacLean said. "There was no fear. All she knew was love in that moment and I think if you're going to leave, you should leave in love."

Well, it's a lovely sentiment, but no, car crashes are not romantic. They really rather suck. But I wish the group a lot of luck, as I like all three singers quite a lot. (especially Stockwood's "Jerk.")

Obligatory Paris Hilton mention (which was already commented on at Gawker yesterday.) And for good measure, a Bush twin makes Page Six for the first time in eons, although this time not for what she did, but what she was privy to, as she innocently went to take a shower and heard buzzing noises in the stall next door:

'Oh, no, no, we weren't having sex, and that wasn't a vibrator. She was just shaving me.'


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