Wednesday, November 05, 2003

News of the day 

Kenyan born former physicist M.G. Vassanji won the Giller Prize last night. It's the second time Vassanji has won, which is the first time any author has repeated the honor.

Booktrade.info thinks the Guardian is rather obsessed with Iain Duncan Smith's debut thriller, and they might be right, because they are at it again, this time with several less-than-glowing reviews of the new books.

Sara Nelson's first book recently came out, and the conventional wisdom was that she should have a lengthy book tour. She offers reasons why this may no longer be practical. I'm inclined to agree, if only because I see far too many authors in the crime fiction world travel from place to place, pick up all sorts of illnesses, and burn out because they are only playing to bookstores sparsely populated with perhaps only half the fans being there for the author. Granted, some people have the Neverending Tour down to a near art form, but really, no matter how much fans may clamor, sometimes it's just a lot healthier to say no....

The New York Times profiles Richard Heffner, longrunning host of The Open Mind, and the new book based on 50 years of the television series. Also at the NYT is a bizarre profile on Susan Orlean's dog, who also happens to be an author. Okay....will Cooper Gillespie next join forces with Jazzy for their next outing?

Publishers' Weekly has an extremely long profile of the mystery genre and 9 promising mystery writers, including Karin Slaughter and Eric Garcia. Also, Kate Mattes of Kate's Mystery Books (and the recent co-venture with Justin, Charles & co.) is profiled as well. (links from Jiro.)

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