Wednesday, November 12, 2003

News in the world of pulp 

The latest issue of the crime fiction e-zine Hardluck Stories is up. The guest editor is G. Miki Hayden, and featured writers include Ray Banks, Tim Wohlforth, and Dave White, who also wrote one of my favorite shorts from last year, "Closure," which aside from being a ripping good crime story, offers perhaps the most poignant take on the aftermath of 9/11.

Thrilling Detective has put up their Halloween issue, but naturally I get to it a couple of weeks late. Dave has another story in the current issue, too.

From the people responsible for Noir Originals and Crime Culture comes a new publishing venture, Pulp Originals. Their mission is to bring some great pulp novels of old back into print, and their first selection is Dick Whittington's THE DEVIL WEARS WINGS. Neo-noir author Jason Starr serves up a very nice introduction.

Issue 4 of Shred of Evidence is now up as well, featuring stories from Allan Guthrie, Stephen D. Rogers, and the prolific John Broussard (who's had a story in every issue thus far.)

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