Thursday, November 06, 2003

The New York Times Bestseller List, November 16 

Frankly, the list this week kind of bores me. The same old suspects are atop the list, only the order has changed. It's getting to the point where there ought to be a Christian Bestseller List so they can put the Left Behind series (and all of its spinoffs, real or otherwise), THE DA VINCI CODE, Jan Karon's Mitford saga and whatever else fits there and leave us poor unenlightened souls to books that actually are worth reading.

Of course, that means that Ms. Cornwell would still be on the main list, but we can't have everything, can we.

The highest debut this week is something decidedly unChristian, the latest (maybe last?) Vampire Lestat book, BLOOD CANTICLE, making the list at #5. Have to give Ms. Rice some props, though I suspect--not having read the book--that another round of editing would have helped. It's been sadly lacking in her books the last few years, after all. At #7 is R.A. Salvatore's SF/F novel about something or other.

Dead people show that they can make the bestseller lists yet again as Robert Ludlum's The Tristan Betrayal (by whom, Isolde?) charts at #10. FWIW it's really Gayle Lynds that writes the books, and I'm guessing she does a whole lot better financially with these than with those under her own name. The pleasures of ghostwriting...

Right after is Toni Morrison's much reviewed LOVE, and at #14, with his own very special contributition to the Christmas Book subgenre, is Eric Jerome Dickey. I don't much get the Christmas book thing, to be honest, not just because, um, I don't exactly celebrate it. But you don't exactly see publishers beating down the door for a Very Special Heartwarming Chanukah story, now do you. Which reminds me, Grisham's SKIPPING CHRISTMAS is back in the extended charts again at #31.

And speaking of the extended, the newbie is Mike Lupica's newest sports novel RED ZONE. Otherwise, it's the same old, though interesting that ELIZABETH COSTELLO is still hanging around the list at #35. People do read high falutin' novels.

Sorry for the general apathy this week. I guess it's Seasonal Affective Disorder or something, but I'm sure things will get more fun once Christmas is actually in sight and shoppers are frantically trying to get crappy gifts for their loved ones just in time. So tune in next week, and hopefully things will be more interesting list-wise.

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