Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The morning news 

For years, fans of Patrick O'Brian's novels have worried how the books would translate to screen. With MASTER AND COMMANDER now in theaters everywhere, fans are less than thrilled. No kidding. It's a rare feat when a film version of a book is better than the actual book.

Also from the WaPo is Patrick Anderson's latest thriller column, which I inexplicably forgot to include in yesterday's roundup. The object of his scrutiny is Timothy Watts' GRAND THEFT, his first novel in seven years. Watts's writing bears an eerie (or calculated?) resemblance to that of Elmore Leonard.

With George W Bush visiting London, the Guardian asked various authors and other folks to write welcome messages. Pithiest of all is the following entry:

Dear Jorge,

Look out! Behind you!!

Hahahahahahahaha, only kidding.

DBC Pierre

David Guterson's OUR LADY OF THE FOREST gets a mixed review in the NYT.

Daniel Menaker is a publishing bigwig. This qualifies him to describe Johnny Cash as a "historiographer-verging-on-epistemologist." Somehow I don't think those would have been the words the Man in Black would have used.

Pretty much everybody has been linking to Gerard Jones' column at Mobylives on how the unbelievable resource that is Everyone Who's Anyone got started. I, too, crack up at all the exchanges between Jones, editors, agents, and whatnot, and glad that GINNY GOOD has found a home with both an agent and a publisher. Perseverance does pay off in the end.

Finally, I've already mentioned SJ Rozan several times here, and her regular blog appears in the links to my right. With her newest novel, the standalone ABSENT FRIENDS, due out next year, she's decided to start a new blog detailing the process of how a book emerges from start to finish, with all the publishing requirements in between. In the latest installment, she talks about the reason why this novel will be published by Bantam (and edited by the legendary Kate Miciak, who currently has a roster including top authors like Lee Child, Greg Rucka, Rick Riordan, and William Landay) and not St. Martin's Press, which publishes her series novels.

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