Monday, November 24, 2003

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Special mention to those who can identify where I cribbed the title from.

Just in time for Lit Idol:

British bestselling novelist Jenny Colgan's THE BOY I LOVED BEFORE, about a girl who wishes she were sixteen again (and has the misfortune to get what she wishes for), moving to Jennifer Weis at St. Martin's, by Deborah Schneider at Gelfman Schneider. Her UK agent is Ali Gunn at Curtis Brown UK.

Suddenly, the song "Only Sixteen" comes unbidden into my brain (the Dr. Hook version, since I've never heard Sam Cooke sing it, probably to my detriment.) but anyway, I believe this marks Colgan's move to a new publisher.

Jerry "Dusty" Rhoades's debut novel THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND, described as "redneck noir that combines the vivid atmosphere of
Elmore Leonard, the furious pace of Stephen Hunter, and the haunting Southern landscape of Daniel Woodrell," to Ben Sevier at St.
Martin's/Minotaur, by Scott Miller at Trident Media Group (NA).

This makes me so happy, as I've known Dusty for several years through rec.arts.mystery. We've been cheering him since he broke the news on the group a few days ago, and I can't wait to read the book (someone send me an ARC, please?)

Interestingly, Dusty has the exact same people working for him and his book as does Ken Bruen. Good company, my man.

Sci-fi crime fiction has a couple of new deals. Perhaps a trend is brewing?

Elizabeth Bear's HAMMERED, a near-future science fiction thriller featuring a disabled veteran, who is pulled into a complex web of
conspiracy surrounding the construction of interstellar flight, and two sequels, SCARDOWN and WORLDWIRED, to Anne Groell at Bantam
Spectra, in a nice deal, by Jennifer Jackson at the Donald Maass Literary Agency (world English).

Warren Hammond's first novel KOP, blending detective noir and high- tech science fiction, plus a sequel, to Jim Frenkel at Tor, by Richard
Curtis. Translation rights are with Danny Baror.

And more crime deals, both agented by John Talbot:

DEPARTMENT THIRTY author David Kent's thrillers featuring Deputy United States Marshal Faith Kelly as a full-time case officer in the federal government's shadowy Department Thirty, to Kevin Smith at Pocket, in a nice deal, for two books, by John Talbot at the John Talbot Agency (US).

LEAVE MYSELF BEHIND author Bart Yates' second novel, TRY ME, about two brothers and the devastating consequences their family's
legacy of violence has on a small Connecticut town, to Kensington's John Scognamiglio, in a nice deal, by John Talbot at the John Talbot Agency.

In paperback news:

Paperback rights to Marcos M. Villatoro's LA Times 2001 Best Book selection HOME KILLINGS, MINOS and a untitled novel, all from a
suspense series set in Nashville featuring Latina homicide detective Romilia Chacón, to Caitlin Alexander at Bantam Dell, in a nice deal.
HOME KILLINGS was sold by Nicolás Kanellos at Arte Público Press; MINOS and the untitled work were sold by Michele Rubin at Writers
House on behalf of hardcover publisher Justin, Charles & Co. (NA).

Another great pickup for Bantam Dell, which is really varying their focus with small press authors. For example, Victor Gischler's GUN MONKEYS is in paperback, and it's everywhere. Tons of copies in each bookstore. Bodes well for his next book, THE PISTOL POETS, which I shall duly gush about at a later time.

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