Saturday, November 15, 2003

Memo to Jennifer Howard 

Jen, Jen, Jen. In your haste to condemn certain bloggers for their penchant to scratch each other's backs, you've forgotten the Golden Rule: which is that all publicity is good publicity.

Nice work in increasing their traffic for the next little while. See, ad hominem attacks have their uses!

But like Mark, I'm kind of pissed I was left out. I mean, the Fab Five (oh, god, I didn't just say that) have each linked to me several times, though perhaps not as much as these folks , and I'm plenty good at back-scratching, plugging books I love, people who deserve wider attention, and oh yeah, keeping a pulse on matters literary and cultural. Shouldn't I get the attacks I deserve? Or perhaps I'm still too new at this. Ah well, something to aspire to as time goes on, I suppose...

Besides, obviously Ms. Howard hasn't really been paying as much attention as she ought if she hadn't heard of Identity Theory until the Vendela Vida interview. So, Jen, while you're busy trying to ferret out pertinent information amongst the sea of friendship and community that's pervasive among the literary blogosphere, I strongly suggest that you make yourself at home with the Crime Fiction links to the right. Because if not, then you'll certainly not be amongst the cool people, now will you?

EDIT: Had I seen Terry's post I wouldn't have said anything. But I didn't, so what can I do.

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