Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Late night roundup 

The New York Times offers up a nice profile of Swedish author Henning Mankell, hot on the heels of the Guardian's interview a few days ago.

Janet Maslin reviews Jim Crace's new novel GENESIS (titled SIX in the UK) and finds it to her liking. (link from Maud.)

I'm only linking the Times' story on Sting's booksigning (he's just written his memoirs and I do believe Tantric sex is not mentioned whatsoever) because the byline lists Lola Ogunnaike as the writer, and I'd wondered why she had disappeared off the list of the contributors to Rush and Molloy's column. Looks like Lola's moved up a bit in the world, and congratulations to her.

Ewan McGregor doesn't read the Harry Potter books to his kids because they "don't make good bedtime reading." He'd much rather read them the Lemony Snicket books, and you know, he's kind of annoyed nobody asked him to be in the movie.

The Whitbread shortlists are up, and Mark Haddon seems to be the favorite for the Best Novel award. I sure hope he takes it. That book is truly a feat of imagination. Also, the children's book list had a record 111 entries, but the committee managed to whittle it down to four. Meanwhile, the Saltire Award shortlist is up as well.

Finding it hard to get presents for your loved ones? Does the sight of a huge bookstore make you tremble and shake with fear? Well, Waterstone's has the answer for you: your very own personal shopper. It's free until December 23. Book fast.....

Ruminator Books could be closing down soon, but a bunch of authors, including Neil Gaiman, are chipping in to try to save the independent shop.

Nearly 20 year old Christopher Paolini's debut novel ERAGON is a phenomenon. Knopf kids has just reprinted the book for the 14th time, and it's riding high on the bestseller lists. Things are certainly looking good for the up-and-coming author.

Evidently the more danger you're in, the more likely you'll get a travel book deal. Kate Browne finds out why.

And finally, even though some people (me included) weren't originally sure, Neal Pollack is shutting down his blog. You'll be missed by a great many people, but that new book had better kick some serious ass. When it's ready, of course.

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